It all started when Mitchell Husong was in high school and ended up one night with a tattoo of a pizza with wings on his leg. After years of working in pizza restaurants, that small icon became the inspiration behind the name "Flappy's Pizza" and became a dream. 

In 2020 Jonathan & Jill Hailey moved thier business, Foxy Roxy’s, Inc., "world headquarters" from Oakdale to Sonora and opened The Dogge Shoppe downtown. One by one they had kids moving home to work with the familly business and the opportunity presented itself for Mitchell to team up with his brother Zak Hailey and Jonathan to bring his dream to reality.
These 3 guys have years of restaurant experience between them and are so excited to meld their ideas and bring this unique take on a pizzaria to downtown Sonora.  They are very excited to offer more employment opportunities, (AND PIZZA!) to the community. They are active in supporting community events and are eager for Flappy’s Pizza Co. to continue supporting the Tuolumne county residents with quarterly outreach activities.


“Its important for us to share our succeses with our neighbors and give the town another dining option. Everytime we mention that we’ll be selling hot slices of pizza out the front window the response has been amazing! Working with 3 of my children to build something so fun is a dream come true for me! I am all about family and community and this is a homerun! We even have free pizza for life for anyone that gets our logo tattoo’d on their bodies!” –Jonathan Hailey Co-owner/Father (Pappy Flappy)